Our Office Philosophy:

Each member of our staff adheres to our two-part office policy...

  • Each of our patients is an individual with unique needs and concerns

  • Our patients need to be made as comfortable as possible at each visit

First Appointment:

On your first visit, a permanent record will be started. You will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire and a registration form. If you have insurance, please bring your card and any information. If you have been under the care of another dentist, we may ask permission to transfer some of your records. We will also do a complete mouth examination and take any necessary x-rays. At that time we'll thoroughly discuss your treatment plan and any fees you will be charged.


Making Appointments:

Our working hours are quite extensive (check out our Location and Hours) . This office is closed on weekends and most major holidays. It is also closed when the doctors are attending continuing education programs. Our answering service will always be available to take messages when the office is closed and we make great effort to return calls as quickly as humanly possible.


We try hard to maintain our schedule to prevent excessive waiting. When unable to keep an appointment, 24 hour notice is appreciated. This courtesy makes it possible to give your appointment time to another patient who desires to see the doctor. We do remind patients of their appointments when possible, but ask that you not rely on this reminder.


If You Have Questions:

Please do not hesitate to call. The office staff is trained to discuss your concerns with you. If it necessary to speak to one of the doctors, they will return your call as soon as the appointment schedule permits.


Emergency Care:

Dental pain is a very intense and at times unbearable situation. If you do have such a problem please call as early in the day as possible and we will do our best to schedule an appointment for the same day. If the problem arises when the office is closed, the answering service will provide a number to reach the doctor on call.




























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