We are a husband and wife team of dentists who for 31 years have pooled our combined talents to provide you with the most modern and up-to-date dental techniques.  We are constantly aware that our main satisfaction comes from satisfied patients. We have geared our practice towards a homey, comfortable atmosphere that we hope will create a more relaxed patient-doctor relationship. We are truly a "family" practice in a very real sense of the word. We hope you enjoy being part of our family.

We believe people want to keep their teeth for a lifetime. We believe prevention of disease is far more enjoyable, less costly, and more comfortable for all concerned. Our main goal is to prevent oral disease and maintain existing teeth for your lifetime.

Our Patients Can Expect From Us:

       Professional skill and ability

  • That we shall keep abreast of advances in the dental sciences

  • Performance of all services to the best of our knowledge and ability

  • An explanation of our findings resulting from a thorough diagnosis

  • The establishment and discussion of the fee for dentistry at the outset


What We Expect From Our Patients:

       Cooperation in making and keeping appointments

  • A conscientious effort to practice good home care and oral hygiene

  • Adhering to the agreed arrangement for the payment of fees

It's A Team Effort

Excellent dental health depends upon a partnership between dentist and patient. We recognize that most patients have some fears and apprehensions, and we make every effort to overcome these problems. We will always listen to your needs, wants or concerns. Don't hesitate to ask questions. Ever.



























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